Israel Defends Itself Against Hamas and Iran

You read that right! Israel’s not only dealing with Hamas, but also indirectly Iran. Hamas, the Palestinian terror group based in Gaza, has been using Iranian missiles capable of striking targets up to seventy miles away. From Gaza they have fired at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but Israel’s “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system has been […]

Fisher of men image: a statement, service, and sermon are not enough.

A Vision for Evangelism: Going Beyond a Statement, Services, and Sermons

It’s probably safe to say that most every church—especially Southern Baptists—has a vision statement that includes or emphasizes evangelism. Churches decorate with crosses, talk about reaching the world for Christ, and adopt various statements and slogans (e.g., vision, mission, and purpose statements) that give the impression that the church leaders are evangelistic. However, few have […]