Seeing through the eyes of God

Many people wear glasses and children are constantly chided and mocked by other kids as 'four eyes' or wearing 'coke bottles.' Despite the attempts to make glasses seem 'cool' or fashionable, a negative stigma remains for those who simply want to clearly see. Those who wear glasses, myself included, need…

Meaning of the word ‘Hamas’ in Hebrew

The group Hamas recently won elections in Palestine. This group is recognized as a terrorist group by the USA. In light of this, I decided it is worthwhile to inform the world of the definition of the word 'hamas' in Hebrew, the language used by Israel and the Old Testament.…

Christians: God's Postal Workers

God the Father sent Jesus, His only son to pay the price of sin in order that we do not need to pay that price ourselves. Scripture tells the punishment for sin, for our own sin, is death. Christ bore that punishment for us and rose three days later, granting…

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