Santa the Christmas Charlatan

As children get older they begin to ask questions about Santa and other children, leaving parents to explain the situation. Sometimes the answer is quite imaginative. Such was the case years ago when our oldest, Lauren, became inquisitive. Learning that many poor children don't receive presents on Christmas, Lauren asked…

Happy Mayan Apocalypse Eve
"But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." Mark 13:32 (NASB)

Happy Mayan Apocalypse Eve

Today is the eve of the end of the world. That is if you believe the Mayan calendar depicts our destruction tomorrow. But look around and you'll see the signs clearly indicate that the world will soon end. Hostess snack makers died, killing off the treasured Twinkie, though some are…

God Loves Burgers
God loves bacon burgers. Why else did he make the cow and pig?

God Loves Burgers

God loves cows - he made them. God loves pigs - he made them. God loves bread - he made wheat. God gave us the gift of creativity and the sense of taste - he made us. What do you get? A heavenly invention. And God blessed them. And God…

English is Really Wacky!

The English language is really wacky, and we all know it. Take for example that supposedly evil natural sweetener, sugar. It's pronounced shoog-er. Some even say sherg-er. Where's the H? And where'd that first R run off to? By the way, the contraction "where'd" isn't recognized by my spellchecker as…

Two Steps to Fill Your Church

Are you tired of lackluster attendance every Sunday? Do all the empty seats dishearten you? Is it depressing to see evening or mid-week service attendance a mere fraction of the dismal Sunday morning service? No more! You can fill your church pew beyond capacity during every service, no matter when…

What I Did for Father's Day

Father's Day activities around our home began on Friday. First, we shipped our two girls off to their grandparents' house. Okay, it wasn't really like that. The girls wanted to spend a couple weeks with my parents, so we met them halfway the Friday before Father's Day, and now the…

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