Stressed? Worried? How do you deal with it?

As Easter approaches, it seems so does everything else. I've been very busy these past few weeks between school, church, family, and everything else. During these times it is easy to get very stressed out. I get home from Ohio, where I preached a revival (check out previous blog entries)…

Look up when things look down

It is almost inevitable for things to go haywire at some time in your life. Maybe your boss will chew you out over a report filed wrong. Maybe you will get into an argument with your spouse or child. Maybe you will share sicknesses with your family. Recently, my family…

Seeing through the eyes of God

Many people wear glasses and children are constantly chided and mocked by other kids as 'four eyes' or wearing 'coke bottles.' Despite the attempts to make glasses seem 'cool' or fashionable, a negative stigma remains for those who simply want to clearly see. Those who wear glasses, myself included, need…

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