Close Mouth, Open Ears

Do you pray often? Do you pray regularly? Every day? Do you say a prayer before bed, after you wake up, or before you eat? Many people pray at one of those times every day. Here’s how those prayers often go: “Dear Lord, thank you, do something for someone, Amen.” There are four parts to the typical prayer: greeting, gratitude, request, and closing.

The greeting is like a letter (what people used to write before the Internet) or email. It identifies the intended recipient/reader/listener. In this case, it’s God.

The gratitude section is where people thank God for whatever they want. Whether they are thankful for a good day, health, family, or something else, they often express gratitude to God. Sometimes, praise or glorification is included in the gratitude portion, wherein the person proclaims aspects of God’s nature and person. These are forms of gratitude, though, in that the one praying is thankful that God is whatever is they express about him.

Johnny Hart on Prayer

I am a fan of the comic "B.C." Last year a book compiling his religious-themed comics was released (I highly recommend it) called I Did It His Way. On page 9 there was a quote that I thought was very insightful and wanted to share it with you. "Prayer is…

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