Vice President Joe Biden is known for making statements that are not scripted, but off the top of his head that often stir controversy. While in Belgium, he stated something that, once again, will be controversial:

Did he really mean that? Or is this just him “being Joe” (as I’ve heard it said)? I hope it’s the latter. If he did mean it, then this may be one more step toward global governance (if not outright global government, though I think just governance is more probable). As nations surrender their sovereignty to any international agency and chooses to be governed by that agency, the easier it becomes for someone to fulfill the role of the beast of the sea (see Revelation: Apocalypse study part 16, “Interlude: Beast of the Sea”).

Whatever may happen, we must spend less time trying to pinpoint the future in current events. While it is popular to say this or that event is prophecy fulfilled, our focus should be more on sharing the Gospel! We know what it is without speculation: we are sinners, Jesus died to pay for sins, those who believe in him will be saved. We may be in the end times, but the end is not come. Jesus will return when the Gospel has been shared among every people group (Matt 24:14).

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