Bible Bingo – A Fun Way to Learn How the Bible is Organized

Bible Games Central designed a game that combines the fun and interaction of Bingo with learning about the books and sections of the Bible – Bible Bingo.

Most of us will be familiar with Bingo, the classic game with numbered cards, noisy balls and a (sometimes) noisier caller. While Bingo is relatively simple and straight forward, it can still be an extremely entertaining game. And a huge reason for Bingo’s popularity is that it brings people together.

Bible Games Central has designed a game that combines the fun and interaction of Bingo with learning about the books and sections of the Bible – Bible Bingo.

It is a well-known fact that the Bible is not one single book but rather a collection of 66 books. These 66 books are divided into two main parts, the Old Testament, and the New Testament, and further organized into smaller sections within these main parts. Being familiar with how the books of the Bible are organized can help us quickly locate specific passages in the Bible. More importantly, knowing which section of the Bible a passage is taken from gives us an idea of its genre and helps us better understand the passage.

While usual Bingo cards contain numbers, the specially designed Bible Bingo cards feature the books of the Bible. Each card is organized into sections of the Bible, such as Old Testament Law, Old Testament History, New Testament Letters from Paul, amongst others. Each section has a unique border color that corresponds to the Bible Bingo Calling Cards. With repeated play using different Bible Bingo cards, players become familiar with the books and sections of the Bible.


Download, print and cut up the Bible Bingo Cards. (Each sheet contains 2 unique cards.)

This printable contains 12 unique Bible Bingo Cards. You do not need to print all the cards. Just print as many as you need. (If you have more than 12 players, you will need to print multiple copies.)

Bible Bingo cards from
Bible Bingo cards
Bible Bingo card from
Single Bible Bingo card

Download, print and cut up the Bible Bingo Calling Cards. There are 66 unique calling cards, corresponding to the 66 Books of the Bible. Place all 66 Bible Bingo Calling Cards in a stack. Give the Calling Cards a good shuffle to mix them up.

Bible Bingo calling cards from
Bible Bingo calling cards

How to Play Bible Bingo

Give each player 1 Bible Bingo Card. (If you like, you can also give each player 2 or more cards.)

Have everyone cross out the “Free Space” square in the middle of their Bible Bingo Cards. Alternatively, use a Bingo chip, M&M, jellybean, bead, Lego, coin or any small toy to mark the square.

The game leader picks 1 Bible Bingo Calling Card at a time from the stack and calls out the book of the Bible and the section which it falls under.

Players with that book on their Bible Bingo Card can cross out that square.

The first player to cross out 5 squares in a row (in any direction) and shouts “Bible Bingo!” wins.

The Bible is God’s Word to us. God’s Spirit worked in more than 40 human authors to inspire them to write the Bible. Written over a period of more than a thousand years, these 66 books of the Bible tell one unified story about God, His relentless love for us, and how we can have a relationship with Him. Bible Bingo is just another way to become more acquainted with God’s Word.

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