A Hermeneutics Funny: Men Are To Blame

Couples pay attention! A humorous approach to biblical interpretation "proving" that it's always the man's fault, no matter what happened.

I discovered a new principle, a lesson about mankind, relationships, life, and especially marriage. Well, the principle isn’t new, but I newly discovered it in the Bible. The Bible shows that in a relationship, when something goes wrong, it’s always the husband’s fault. You got it. The wife is never to blame; the hubby is, though.

Check out the lesson. The Bible shows that before eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, there was no sin in the world. None. Nada. Zilch. The world was a literal paradise, that is until mankind ruined it all. But what happened? Who sinned first? According to Genesis, Eve ate first, and after she ate, then Adam ate.

But wait, Eve is not at fault here. No way! In fact, contrary to her claim, it’s not even the serpent’s fault. Can’t blame Satan for this one. And Eve isn’t the problem either. Whose fault is it? Paul writes in Romans that “through Adam” sin entered the world. Yessiree, it was Adam who brought sin into the world, not Eve. He ate second, he sinned second, but it’s Adam’s fault.

So, as you can see, the Bible is clear. Next time there is a problem in a relationship, it’s the man’s fault. It’s always the man’s fault.

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