10 Signs that You're About To Hear Bad Preaching

We've all been there having to listen to a bad sermon. Here are some some tell-tale signs the sermon you're going to hear will be bad.
We’ve all been there, listening to a bad sermon. Here are some tell-tale signs of bad preaching.
  • Preacher says, “Open up that book, the Holy something or other…”
  • Sermon title: “Jesus: The Ultimate Backup Plan”
  • Bible passage to be preached is mentioned at the beginning, but never referenced again
  • Sermon is pay-per-view
  • Sermon title: “Jesus’ Three Favorite Disciples: Peter, Paul, and Mary”
  • Pastor dozes off during his sermon intro
  • Ushers hand out No-Doze and energy drinks with the offering plate
  • Sermon title: “Understanding the Trinity: God and Those Other Two”
  • Preacher says, “Open up your King Arthur Bibles…”
  • The Bible is never opened
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