Texas BBQ: nothing is better!
Texas BBQ: nothing is better!

Christians should be familiar with the concept of the marriage supper of the Lamb (where Christians will fellowship with God, also called the Master’s Table). However, speculation arises as to the contents of the meal. Will it be traditional, kosher Jewish items? Not likely because God told Peter everything he made is okay to eat (Acts 11:4-10). Additionally, it’s been discovered that a diet higher in protein is better than the starch-heavy processed foods we normally consume. So what will God serve at the marriage supper? Simple: Texas barbecue.

What?! Yes, that’s right, he’ll be serving Texas barbecue. Not Texas-style, but genuine Texas ribs, brisket, and more! Before you think I’ve lost my mind or that I’m completely partial toward my native state, let me offer some proof.

  • All meats are okay to eat. As stated earlier, God showed Peter that there is no such thing as clean and unclean, for all meats are good to eat.
  • God loves grills. Think about it for moment. God commanded burnt offerings of animals and food. This not only foreshadowed Jesus’ death on the cross, it also pointed to God’s preferred method of cooking.
  • Barbecue is meat cooked on a grill. Whether its a smoker or a pit, charcoal or propane, barbecue is grilled, following God’s preferred method.
  • God only serves the best foods. No processed junk food, no bland fast food, no prepackaged products. Only the best: fresh, pure, perfectly cooked meat — with only the best sides and Dr. Pepper.
  • Texas BBQ is the best BBQ in the world. While there is Kansas City bbq, Memphis bbq, and others, Texas is barbecue country!
  • America is blessed by God, especially Texas. Every good Texan knows that “God blessed Texas with his own hand.”

Thus, as you can see, it’s unquestionable that we will be eating only the best at the marriage supper: 100% genuine Texas barbecue! So, if you want to get an early taste of heaven, check out these Texas bbq restaurants recently highlighted on FoxNews.com.

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