Christmas Music Takes a Disturbing Turn: One Song Version That Should Never Have Been Recorded

Some music should never be recorded by certain artists. Christmas and other holiday music is no exception. One version, however, is worse than all others.

There are some artist-song combinations that simply are wrong:

I’m sure there are some that you may consider worse. However, I recently discovered one combination that should never, never, never have happened. It involves a guy (literally) singing about being pregnant: Guy Penrod’s cover of “Breath Of Heaven” (also known as “Mary’s Song”).

Men and pregnancies don’t mix. Men should not sing about being pregnant. The song, “Breath Of Heaven” (which was beautifully done by Point of Grace, cf. video below) is supposed to be Mary singing about being pregnant with the prophesied Messiah.

I don’t know about you, but I find it unsettling, if not outright disturbing, to hear a male sing about being “cold and weary with a babe inside,” and conveying to God how he was chosen to “carry your son.” It’s just wrong.

Biology 101: men can’t get pregnant.

The melody may be beautiful, and I’m sure that Mr. Penrod has a wonderful voice. However, one would think he would consider the lyrics before recording a song… even more so being that his name is “Guy” (should have been a big hint there, maybe).

In the end, I suspect that Guy’s Christmas album will fade into obscurity along with hundreds of others. Until then, I hope that radio stations decline to play this very disturbing version of a very beautiful song. There are plenty of other songs from his CD from which to choose that I’m sure are just as lovely without the unsettling imagery.

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