Most Christians have heard the traditional Easter music and contemporary Easter-themed praise songs.  Millions will gather in churches this Sunday and will encounter them again.  Easter music, however, is not limited to hymns and pop songs.

For those out there who are heavy metal fans, here’s a short sample of some Easter-themed music.  Although not all are Christian bands, each song relates directly to the message or events of Easter and Passover (which prophetically depicted Jesus’ death and resurrection).

Here’s each song in the playlist with a link to purchase the MP3 from Amazon.

  • Bloodgood – “Crucify” (buy song)
  • Stryper – “Yahweh” (buy song)
  • Metallica – “Creeping Death” (buy song)
  • Theocracy – “I Am” (buy song)
  • Motification – “Bathed In Blood” (buy song)

So to all you metalheads — ENJOY!

John L. Rothra

John is an author, speaker, blogger, and aspiring YouTuber. He's also a bassist and a huge Buffalo Bills fan. John holds a PhD in evangelism and has pastored/preached for over a decade.

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