Song Lyrics According to Our 5 Year Old

Leave it to toddlers to hear the most interesting song lyrics that aren't what's actually being sung. Here's a short sample from our child.

Children, especially toddlers, hear songs in a unique way. As a result, they often hear some very interesting—and often quite funny and more creative—lyrics. Here’s a few song lyrics as said by our five year old daughter:

Feed The Birds” – Julie Andrews in “Mary Poppins”

Toddler’s Lyrics: “Feel the birds, open the bag”
Actual Lyrics: “Feed the birds, toppins a bag”

Better Than A Hallelujah” – Amy Grant

Toddler’s Lyrics: “Better than a hollay booya”
Actual Lyrics: “Better than a hallelujah”

Awake And Alive” – Skillet

Toddler’s Lyrics: “Wakee up, wakee up”
Actual Lyrics: “Waking up, waking up”

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