It’s funny how the oddest things can give rise to seemingly unrelated thoughts. I enjoy playing guitar, but its a hobby for me, so I don’t play as often as I’d like. While clicking through YouTube, I ran across the playing of a talented guitar player from overseas. Familiar with many of the songs in his YouTube video list (many are Beatles songs, some from the 1980’s, and more), I listened to some. WOW! The skill, the dexterity of his fingers, the fluidity of the notes. It was like watching a virtuoso perform his latest masterpiece . . . and this performer turns (or turned) twelve this year. Yes, I said, 12 years old. Here’s a sample of his talent:

Two seemingly unrelated thoughts came to mind as I watched and listened. First, with such an ability, I pray that someone would share the Gospel with this child and that he would respond in faith. I would love to sit at Jesus’ feet and worship the Savior as Sungha Jung plays for Christ on his guitar. How glorious it would be to see God glorified in music and worship. However, such an opportunity will never occur without missions and evangelism. Unless someone goes, unless someone preaches, nobody will be saved (Rom 10:13-15).

Second, after reading his MySpace page, I noticed he said he practices for three or more hours a day. Nevertheless, it is evident to me that this boy has pure talent, a gift from God. Yet, he spends hours practicing his skill, improving it. The same rule pertains to anything we want to do, whether it be preach, perform, build things, create art, or whatever else, it requires practice. If you are talented at something, that should not be an excuse to rest on your laurels. Rather, you should practice your talent. If you are not naturally talented, practice will still help improve your abilities at whatever you want to do.

If I had the time, and the deep passion, I would love to spend hours and hours practicing guitar. Eventually, I might be at good as Sungha Jung . . . eh, probably not. But I’d definitely be better than I am.

Enjoy his playing, but remember, even Sungha needs to hear the Gospel, meaning we must be mission-minded and mission-active!

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  1. Wow. Thanks for posting this and your thoughts.

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