A few weeks ago I talked to some in my small group at Mobberly Baptist about the cost of self-publishing my book. They recommended using GoFundMe.com to raise the money. I resisted that because I believed I would be ethically obligated to repay all who donated. They insisted I was incorrect because a donation is just that: a donation.

I wrestled with the idea for a couple days and sought input from others I trust, including the manager at the local LifeWay. Everyone agreed with those in the small group. After prayer and thought, I decided that my moral dilemma was of my own creation. I thus created an account and now seek donations to publish my book.

1X Evangelistic Outreach: A Strategy for Kingdom Growth

1X Evangelistic Outreach: A Kingdom Growth Strategy for the Local Church
1X Evangelistic Outreach: A Kingdom Growth Strategy for the Local Church

In 2009 I began working on a strategy to help local churches improve and increase the personal evangelism of their members. The manuscript is now complete. The strategy (and the book) is titled 1X Evangelistic Outreach: A Kingdom Growth Strategy for the Local Church.

It is not a new program, it’s a strategy.

A program is something you do following specific steps and methods. A strategy is a way of doing things, an approach, a guiding vision. A program is looks about the same regardless of where it is implemented. A strategy calls for flexibility and, sometimes, means things may look very different at different places.

Local churches don’t need more programs. They are inundated with programs covering everything from VBS to small groups to outreach. 1X is a strategy that defines ministries, empowers believers, and promote gospel-centered ministry.

1X Evangelistic Outreach: How You Can Help

Traditional publishers are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Unless one is a professor, prominent pastor, or established author, traditional publishing is not a viable option. This leaves self-publishing. This is also where you come in.

I need your help. After looking at various self-publishing options, I have chosen to go with Crossbooks’ “Expanded Distribution” plan. It seems to offer the greatest value and overall service for both the author and publisher. Its cost is $3,299 (as of this article’s publishing date).

There are three ways to help: (1) donate financially, (2) share the campaign with others, and (3) pray. Ideally, you can do all three.

There are two ways to donate: regular donation for any amount, or the “Signed Copy” level ($300; you’ll receive a hand-signed copy once the book is published). Click on the badge on the left, click the widget at the top right of this website, or follow (and share) this link: www.gofundme.com/1Xevangelism.

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