We are seeking your help in promoting this ministry and you can help. If you have a website, all you need to do is place a link on your page to this site. You can link to any part of the site.

How does this help?
The best way to reach more people on the internet with a message is to be ranked well in search engines. To do this, a website must have as many links to it as possible, as search engines, such as Google, place a great deal of importance on links.

By placing a link on your site to this site you are helping the gospel be more availble to those searching the internet.

This summer, we will be editing the appearance of the sight to give it a cleaner, more user-friendly look. Our mission, ranging from site design to links, is to spread the gospel of Jesus to as many people as possible.

If you are not sure how to place a link onto your site, please email the webmaster. Feel free to use the online form.

For your conveniece, we provide a choice of links for you to choose from. You can see the choices on our links code page. Just copy and paste the code of your choice onto your website. You can also use a link of your choice.

Thank you for your help! May God bless you.

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