The Texas Rangers set a record today by coming back from a 0-3 deficit to win 30-3. Yes, folks, that’s a baseball score. You can read about it on ESPN and the Texas Rangers website.

The team that is in last place in the American League scored 30 runs. Not 30 hits, not 30 at bats… 30 runs! They are the first team in 110 years to do this and they now hold an American League record.

Some friends of mine from seminary liked to debate me over Texas reputation. I argued that Texas is the greatest state in the nation and they disagreed. It was a fun debate. Well, at least for one game, Texas is the best! Of course, I say this in jest.

However, this feat makes me ask one simple question: why haven’t they done this all year?

Apparently they are capable of big games. Nevermind the team they played because if they can score 30 runs against Baltimore, they should have had the ability to score enough runs to win more games. So, I ask the Rangers, why have you been holding back?

This is why we love sports.

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