Political Freedom is Tenuous, but Spiritual Freedom is Eternal

A collection of sermons by Dr. John L. Rothra that highlight what true freedom means and how to have it.

Americans will once again celebrate the freedoms that our great nation offers. However, this political freedom does not mean we are spiritually free (I don’t mean freedom of religion, either).

The problem: each one of us, apart from Christ, is a slave living under the ownership and tyranny of sin that impacts our entire life.

The solution: God’s grace alone through faith alone in Jesus alone.

Sermon 1: Problem Solved

The problem we all have is our sin. God offers his solution, and it’s infinitely superior to anything else.

Sermon 2: Tear Down That Wall!

Every person at some point in their lives has a wall that destroys relationships with others and God. It’s time to tear that wall down!

Sermon 3: We All Have a Master

Who we serve directly impacts our eternal destiny. There are two choices: one leads to life, the other to destruction.

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