Murdering Abortion Doctor Was Wrong

Murder is wrong, whether is the murder of unborn babies or the murder of fully grown adults. Killing abortion doctors is an act of evil.

You may have heard the news that on Sunday, May 31, 2009, abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered at church. Hearing this news saddens me. Now pro-life advocates are leery of a possible backlash.

I am pro-life. I find the murder of this doctor a detestable act and a tragedy. As a pro-lifer, I find the taking of innocent life vile, whether it be murdering an unborn baby or murdering a living adult.

I’m sure the perpetrator will claim he or she was defending the life of the defenseless. While some may believe this to be a just cause, I do not. Murder is not justified. It was wrong for Tiller to kill unborn babies and it was wrong for someone to kill Dr. Tiller.

Taking innocent lives does not help the pro-life movement nor strengthen their argument. Rather, it casts a dark shadow of suspicion and hypocrisy over it. There are better ways–moral and ethical ways–to reduce abortions. Wanton killing is not one of them.

I pray that those who committed the murder will recognize their error, repent, and seek God’s forgiveness. I pray that someone in the church can minister to the Tiller family and show them the true love of Christ. I pray that somehow God will bring good out of this.

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