Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld by Supreme Court

Reaction to Supreme Court ruling upholding ban on barbaric, murderous, inhumane, unhuman partial birth abortion procedure.

The Supreme Court today ruled that the federal ban on partial birth abortions is constitutional. Various states passed state bans in recent years, with appellate courts declaring the bans unconstitutional. The federal ban was the subject of debate before the Supreme Court and the court upheld the ban.

While this ban will not impact most abortions, pro-life organizations have something to celebrate. Human life is valuable and a gift from God. The destruction of human life in the name of convenience or to reduce the risk of possible health problems is murder. Partial-birth abortion is a process where a fully viable, fully developed unborn baby is brought partially through the birth canal, then the skull is crushed in order to kill the child. I would ask, if the child is viable and can be born, why not simply give birth to the child. If the child’s presence poses a risk to the mother’s life or health, give birth to the baby so that both have the chance to live.

For more on my view, read my article on the Scriptural view of abortion.

Partial-birth abortion devalues life. When people place less value on human life, it becomes easier to destroy life. Those who treasure life and place great value on life want to do everything possible to preserve it. Those who devalue life are willing to take a life and commit murder.

Why do people weep when a madman slaughters thirty-two innocent people at Virginia Tech, but turn around and support the wanton slaughter of thousands of innocent unborn babies. We should weep for the loss of life at Virginia Tech. We should also weep when a person destroys the life of an unborn, innocent child, even if it is in the name of medicine. Why, then, do many have no problem with abortions? Because man renamed the unborn baby so that it’s no longer an unborn child or unborn baby. Instead, it’s an embryo and fetus. Embryos and fetuses are easier to kill than a child. How often do we rename humans so that its easier to kill them? What names did we give to Germans, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese soldiers? We didn’t kill people, we killed whatever non-human name was chosen.

I believe this ruling is a good one. For it holds that partial-birth abortions are simply justified murder. There are other options available and those other options should be sought out. If we live in a country that allows the murder of innocent people, whether born or unborn, it should not surprise anyone when a madman walks in and slaughters innocent people.

It is my prayer that the abortion rate drops further. There are some things we must realize.

If you don’t want to have a child, don’t have sex!

When you have sex, children are likely. However, man today wants to enjoy the physical pleasure and not deal with the consequences, so we kill the innocent child. If you don’t have enough self control to resist, then find someone to help you resist. However, people can resist the temptation, but simply choose not to resist.

If you do get pregnant and don’t want the child, give it up for adoption.

Some will say, “the stress of giving birth is too great” or “it’s too hard to give up a child.” Then, again, don’t have sex. However, there are many loving families who are willing and wanting to adopt. Don’t murder the child for your convenience.

Pregnancy, by nature, is a health risk.

Every pregnancy involves some sort of health risk to the mother. That is why much care is given to explain how to reduce the risks of problems. Many health risks are avoidable because they are caused by smoking, drinking alcohol, or other unhealthy living styles. However, much of the time, doctors want to abort the child not because the mother absolutely will have problems, but simply because the odds of a possible problem are increased. In a world where scientific certainty is the mantra, doctors and parents kill children based on odds, not certainties. Odds are not a reason to kill.

There are choices we all face. There are consequences for our choices. In a way, I can say that I’m pro-choice. However, that choice is whether or not to have sex. Those who choose to have sex and get pregnant must live with the consequences. Those who murder the innocent children will be held accountable for their choices. Also, I’m pro-life, in that I believe the child’s life is valuable and should be protected. Life is not something to throw away like an empty soda bottle. Life is to be treasured.

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  1. Trond Sorvoja

    I don’t not know what partial abortion was before I looked it up, so it would have been helpful if you had included a definition. From what I understand it is a surgical method for surgical second or third trimester abortion. Having a daughter born in the 24th pregnancy week I find partial abortion to be problematic. I can understand the occasional need for first trimester abortion, but that is very different. Even if there is a medical situation that makes it impossible to go though a normal pregnancy, it should be possible if no expense are spared to get though enough of the pregnancy to give a normal baby a fighting chance. If a pregnancy are allowed to progress to the 27th week, then chances for survival are good for babies that are treated at modern hospitals. I don’t know how things are done in the US, but I hope all pregnant women are getting free health care and counseling. Protecting unborn kids and pregnant women should be the responsibility of the government.

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