Roe v. Wade Overturned: Official Statement

The overturning of Roe v. Wade is not the end of the fight to protect the unborn. Neither is the battle ultimately a legal one.

Official Statement Regarding Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

I am pro-life.  I support laws designed to reduce and restrict the number of abortions by protecting the unborn.  As such, I believe that the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade is good news.  It reverses the ruling that permitted the murder of millions of unborn babies, each created in God’s image.

However, I must offer some words of caution and encouragement.  First, it seems some are celebrating the overturning of Roe as a major victory that will protect the unborn. However, that is not the case. Rather, it sends the issue back to the states, where it was prior to Roe v. Wade.  Each state now can and will decide what it’s laws will be regarding abortion.

Second, overturning Roe v. Wade does not guarantee fewer abortions in the United States.  Rather, it is possible that—sadly—the overall number may in fact increase.  Some states restrict or outlaw abortion while some do not.  Thus, it is possible that there may be no real change in those states limiting abortions while those states permitting abortions may see a significant increase, thus increasing the overall numbers.  I pray that does not happen, but that, in fact, the overall number of abortions decreases.  Only time will tell what will happen.

Third, the battle to protect the unborn, though fought in the legislatures and courts, will not be won through laws or court rulings.  The battle over abortion is not, in fact, a civil battle nor merely a moral battle; it is a spiritual battle.  The true battle is in the sinful heart of man.  The real conflict is over how people view the unborn.  Is it merely a collection of biological cells no different than any other biological growth, or is it a person created in God’s image who simply has yet to be born?  The fallen, sinful nature argues for the former while the repentant, spirit-filled, Christ-following believer argues for the latter.  Thus, the true battle is not in the courts, city councils, or legislatures, but in the hearts of fallen, sinful men and women.  So long as people devalue life and dehumanize those made in God’s image, they will find ways to destroy other humans, whether born or unborn.

As Christians, we should be delighted that Roe v. Wade was overturned.  However, we should not be blinded by that delight so that we fail to see that our mission to know, show, and share the gospel of Jesus continues, and that it is just as vital as it was before.  Let us pray for all those who continue to support abortion rights, that God would reveal to them the truth of himself and the unborn.  Let us pray for those who are pro-life, that they would not lose sight of the real conflict: one of righteousness before God versus sinful depravity.  The solution is not in civil laws, but in the law and grace of God made clear in the gospel of Christ Jesus.

In Christ,


Dr. John L. Rothra

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