The 'War on Christmas' does not exist

Many people believe there is a war on Christmas. The real war is not over what we call the holiday; it is over the souls of you and me.

During the Christmas season last year, many news analysts, commentators, and religious leaders began saying there is a war on Christmas. Their position: Christ was being replaced by Santa Claus because Jesus isn’t politically correct. They stated that businesses and the media stopped saying “Merry Christmas” and started saying “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings.” I have not said much about this war on Christmas. However, I have decided to chime in this year.

The world needs to realize that there is no war on Christmas. Christmas is not under attack. That being said, there are some things that have slowly developed over the past thirty or so years.

  • Generic or neuter phrases such as “happy holidays” became more prominently said than “merry Christmas.”
  • Those who promote political correctness are often more willing to say “happy Hanukkah” or “Happy Kwanza” than “Merry Christmas.”
  • Manger scenes are opposed in more schools today than in the past while menorahs and other religious imagery is more readily accepted.
  • Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph are more commonly displayed Christmas symbols than the birth of Jesus.

Recently, many businesses have made a concerted effort to say “merry Christmas” and to be more accepting of the Christian beliefs. I believe this is partly due to the backlash and negative press incurred due to the efforts of those leaders and media analysts who spoke up.

During Christmas of 2005, my family went into a Christmas-only store to look around. I wanted to see what nativity scenes they had. The salesman said, “What’s that have to do with Christmas?” I replied, “Everything.” He said they had only one, though he appeared disgusted at the idea of a manger scene.

This illustration points to the fact that there is no war on Christmas. There is a war over the souls of man. There is a war against Jesus. Christmas, at least the commercialized aspect, will be around for many decades. People have no problem with Christmas, so long as Christmas remains secular. However, the minute Jesus is brought into the picture, people cringe and begin calling Christians derogatory names.

I’m sure many of you who read this will think, “without Jesus there is no Christmas” or “war on Jesus and war on Christmas is the same.” You may think I’ve become too secular myself. Christians must realize that much of what is done during the Christmas season is secular in origin, including the date on which Christmas is celebrated. Much of the Christmas celebration is a Christianized version of a secular activity. It is true that if Jesus was never born, then there would be no Christmas. However, that does not stop the world from trying to take over the holiday by emphasizing everything but Jesus. Christmas, in many ways, is both a secular and religious holiday. It is a season with religious roots. But to say there is a war on Christmas means that the world wants to abolish Christmas. This is simply not true. Satan wants to turn people away from Christ. That is the war!

The real war is not over whether it’s Christmas, Xmas, or the Winter Festivals. The war is over the souls of you and me. Satan wants to keep as many people as possible from knowing Christ and being saved. His goal is not to harm men as much as it is to destroy God’s glory. Christmas provides a tremendous opportunity for Satan to creep in clandestinely and remove Jesus from the picture of Christmas. He as used the sinful world and all those who reject Christ to forward his mission. Satan will use political correctness, the idea of being offended, or any other tactic to keep people from being saved.

Many may claim they are neither for or against God. However, that is false. In this spiritual war there are no Switzerlands. There is no neutral ground. You cannot ride the proverbial spiritual fence. You either accept and follow Christ or you reject and oppose Christ. You are either for or against God. If you reject the Son, Jesus, then you reject the Father, God. Such strong terminology may be not easy to hear, but that does not make it less true.

Every man and woman has committed a sin. However, in order to get into heaven, absolute perfection is required. Nobody is absolutely perfect except Christ. Everyone has committed at least one small sin. There is a consequence of sin: death. However, because of our sinfulness, we aren’t even good enough to pay for our own sin. Our sin required an absolutely perfect person die. God sent his own son, Jesus, the perfect one, to pay that penalty. All God asks you to do is believe in his son, confessing him and Lord and Savior.

Do you realize you own sin? Do you see your great need? Ask God to forgive you and let him save you. He loves you so much that he paid your penalty for you.

Remember, Jesus loves you!

Maybe you believe you’re good enough for heaven. Really? Take this goodness test and see.

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  1. karsh lester

    as a matter of fact..

    dec 25

  2. Name Ommitted by Commentor

    I don’t quite understand your logic here. Are you asserting that since –you– haven’t personally run into an act of war on Christmas that it doesn’t exist?

    Some of us have children and family members who cannot where red or green to school during these last two weeks. No war?

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

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