Who do you pledge to serve?

Unlike these people, me and my family will pledge our allegiance to only one man, and he's not a Democrat, Republican, or third party.

I recently came across a video of numerous Hollywood stars making various pledges. Most of the video is fairly benign, but about three-fourths of the way through, people begin pledging their allegiance and service to… well… check it out:

Unlike these people, me and my family will pledge our allegiance to only one man, and that man is not Barack Obama. That man is not a Democrat at all; he is not a Republican nor a Libertarian. In fact, that man never ran for political office. We agree with the lyrics of this song and pledge our allegiance only to one person:

Scripture says we are either slaves/servants of sin or slaves/servants of Christ. Serving the former may be temporarily fun, but it is eternally deadly. Serving the latter brings freedom to the sinner, life to the believer, and hope to the redeemed. It does not mean we are perfect, only that we can now live free from the burden of sin, free from its shackles, and free from hell.

Serving the Lamb is a joy, a pleasure, not just a duty. God does not force anyone to accept Jesus, he enables you to. I believe though, that once you realize the complete joy and wonderful love that he offers, you’ll want to accept Jesus and serve him!

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