“The mother has the right to do with her unborn child what she pleases, even end its existence.” That is the view of many, and I’ve found few arguments really get pro-choice advocates thinking–or pro-life advocates for that matter.

As I thought about things, I realized that there’s really only one question to ask: why do we draw the line there?

Depending on which state you live in, abortion is legal up to a specific time period. Once that time period has been reached, abortion is not allowed. Some say the line is six months, the third trimester, or other time periods. But there is a line drawn that, until it is reached, abortion is legal. But why there? Why is that life worth protecting legally at the sixth month or thirty weeks or whenever the line is drawn. What’s the difference?

We can argue indefinitely about imposing one’s belief on another, individual liberty, the role of government, and the sanctity of life and few, if any, will ever really stop and think. So I ask, why do we draw the line where we do?

Think about it. If the line can be drawn at seven months, why not six? Why not eight? Why not move the line to the birth process? Why not draw the line six days after birth? Why not draw the line at conception?

You see, we already pass laws based on morality, declaring that at some point during the pregnancy or birth process the life is protected by law from being destroyed. Where that line is placed varies state to state. But why do we draw it where we do? If it can be drawn there, can it be moved?

Something to think about.