A Call for Real Men, Manly Men

Most men wan to be a man's man, but completely misunderstand what that means. Do you have what it takes to be a real man?
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

We need more manly men in this world. There are too many men who aren’t manning up in their relationships, especially husbands. Husbands are becoming soft, wimpy, even cowardly. Far too many hubbies let their manhood be stripped away. We need more manly men!

It takes real courage to be a real man. This is not for the timid or weak in spirit. Being a real man in the house is not for any male, but for only those willing to step up to the challenge, even stand up to their wives. Real men know how to do this, and real men will do this. Are you ready to learn how to be a real man? Are you ready to stop letting others define you, and instead let you define you? Are you ready to man up and be the manliest man you can be?

Real men know that their manliness is not defined by stereotypes or society, but by real, meaningful actions. Authentic men shun the smirks and sneers of others, and let their relationships reveal their true manhood! Genuine men aren’t distracted by others, but lead by example. Real men stand up and stand strong.

What does it take to be a real man? Manly husbands sacrifice themselves for their wifes; manly boyfriends sacrifice themselves for their girlfriends. Guys who are true men put the needs of others before their own desires.

As a real man, a husband willingly, joyfully stands up to his wife, and lets her know that there are some things she simply is not to do on her own, if he has any say in it. A manly husband learns how to change the baby’s diapers—both wet and stinky—and then does it regularly without being asked. There’s no shame in caring for a child. Rather, real men take care of a baby’s needs, including those diaper changes!

Manly hubbies prepare and feed baby’s their bottles. Just like the diapers, feeding a hungry child is something a real man does! Don’t wimp out on me now, we’re not done! Changing a diaper and holding bottle does not a manly man make. There’s more.

Want to be a real man? Do the laundry! Learn how to sort the dirty clothes, set the washer, run the dryer, and then fold, hang, and if needed iron both your own clothes and those of your wife and kids. Authentic, macho men know that providing clean clothes for others to wear is an honor, not a chore.

Learn how to cook! You read that right. Want to be a man of strength, courage, and get your manhood back? Learn to prepare a meal that doesn’t just come in a box with a cartoon character on the front. Want proof that manly men can cook? Nobody I know of disputes the manhood or manliness of Gordon Ramsay. Ted Nugent—a real man’s man—knows how to not only hunt, clean, and prepare meat, but how to prepare the entire meal! Man up, learn to cook, then do it!

If you want to be a macho man, and I don’t mean the kind singing about the YMCA, but a hurley, proud, strong, manly man, learn to do the dishes. No real man wants to see his friends come over to watch the big game and eat on filthy plates. A real man doesn’t want his wife or children have to eat their barbeque on last week’s dirty dishes. Man up and clean those things!

One more major thing (then a few minor ones). Take the kids to the doctor without your wife going along. All by yourself, show the world how strong a man you’ve become. Show your wife, your kids, and the world that you’re man enough to handle sick children and take them to the doctor. It’s not wimpy to take care of a child’s health, but very macho!

There’s also a few smaller things real men do without fear or shame: buy your wife’s pads or whatever she uses. Do the grocery shopping. Pick up the kids. Play dress up with your daughter. I could name a lot more, but I think you get the idea.

Too many husbands today have become weak males, abandoning their manhood for some fake idea of what a man does and doesn’t do. Real men don’t let the world define them. Real men don’t let their friends diminish their manhood. Real men proudly stand up for themselves and their loved ones. Real men know their wives can’t do everything. Real men will make sure their wives know that they don’t have to do it all. Real men want to help their families. Real men love their wives enough to be man enough to constantly and significantly help out around the house. Real men love their wives as Jesus loved the church, giving up his life for her. Real men love sacrificially. Are you ready to be a real man?

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