The past two weeks have been quite hectic at times. During these times I’ve found myself picking up the Bible and simply reading. Often, I’m not trying to exegete or engage in deep theological study. Rather, I simply want to read God’s letter to me.

When I read God’s word, I find it refreshes me. Even if I read only a few verses, the Holy Spirit moves and uses that time to remove stress and tension. My mind clears and I am able to relax. It is true that there are a variety of ways I can relax: spend time with family, play guitar, sleep, or other things. But when my soul is stressed, God is the only way to find refreshing rest. Reading God’s word and letting His Spirit speak to you and work in you provides wonderful blessings.

When your soul starts to scream “I’ve had enough” then its time to get back into His word. Pick up a Bible and read. I recommend starting in the gospels. Luke and John are wonderful places to start for devotional reading. Spend time with God and let him refresh your soul.