A Healthy Approach to the Calvinism Debate

Calvinism is heatedly debated, and is often rejected or accepted without understanding the issues. These books offer a healthy approach to the debate.

Calvinism is good, biblical, and right. Calvinism is dangerous, unbiblical, and wrong. Whatever you believe, the centuries-old debate continues today, and there is no indication it will be resolved anytime soon.

The sad part is the debate is often more polarizing than informative, and the result is unnecessary division within the body of Christ. Two individuals, Michael Horton and Roger Olson, are striving to bridge the divide, despite their theological differences. This year they partnered to author two books addressing the pro-/anti-Calvinism debate. This particular Calvinism set is unique, though. Although each authored one book, they wrote the foreword for the other, indicating their unity amidst diversity.

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