Knowing, Showing & Sharing Starts Here

Using this website, social media, and YouTube, my mission is to help people and churches know, show, and share the gospel of Jesus.

From articles and videos offering educational biblical teachings and ministry insights, to my 1X Evangelism strategy, to mp3s and merchandise to remind and inspire you to know, show, and share, I want to empower and challenge you in life and ministry.

But what does it mean to know, show, and share the gospel of Jesus?

Know the Gospel

Knowing the gospel means having a growing, personal relationship with Jesus.

Show the Gospel

Showing the gospel means living out your faith in Jesus by serving others.

Share the Gospel

Sharing the gospel means proclaiming the good news about Jesus through evangelism.

If you’re ready to start knowing, showing, and sharing (or just curious about them), the articles on this website and the videos on my YouTube channel are each organized around those three categories. Below are some you should check out first.




1X Evangelism

1X Evangelism is my flexible, scalable churchwide personal evangelism strategy designed to help churches get more people regularly sharing the the gospel of Jesus.

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I’m Here to Help You

I want to help you and your church know, show, and share the gospel of Jesus!

Having been involved with various size churches—from small rural churches to urban megachurches—I offer my experience and education to you.

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