Prayer for those in Aurora, CO
Prayer for those in Aurora, CO

Tragedy struck Aurora, Colorado last night, when twelve people were murdered and fifty were injured. While some seek to exploit this for political reasons, as followers of Christ we are to turn to Jesus in prayer.

Many questions will be asked about why this happened, who is to blame, and whether it can be prevented from ever occurring again. History shows that, sadly, such evil acts cannot be eliminated before Christ’s return—evil exists and it will continue to manifest.

Many will blame everyone and anyone from society, specific groups, religion, manufacturers, entertainment, and even God. The truth is that the one to blame is the one who committed the evil deed. They chose to kill, maim, and harm. The person(s) should be arrested, tried, and presuming they will be convicted, face the punishment due their crime in accordance with the law.

Then comes the biggest question: why does evil happen? Where’s God to prevent it? While God could prevent all evil, that would mean eliminating all human free will. Rather, he gave us free will, and often people choose evil; some choose the most violent of evils. The only way to solve this is by helping people realize how they can be free from this, and be willing and able to choose righteousness. They need to hear the Gospel proclaimed, and just as importantly, they need to see the Gospel lived. The only proper response to evil is love.

I pray for those families who lost dear loved ones and for those who lost their friends. I pray for those who were injured. I pray that evil does not flourish as a response to the evil perpetrated.

Dear Jesus,

Strengthen your children in and around Aurora so that they can be vessels used to make your love be seen and heard. Provide hope—directly and indirectly—to all across this nation who suffer because of the deaths and injuries. Please, Lord, let your presence be felt in a mighty way, and let your Spirit fill all your children with the love we need to response as Christ responded to those who reviled, hated, and killed him.

In Christ’s name, Amen.

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