Hamas is recognized as a terrorist group by the USA. In light of this, I decided it is worthwhile to look into the definition of the word ‘hamas’ in Hebrew, the language used by Israel and the Old Testament. The result of looking up this word was both startling, yet, not unexpected.

Definition: violence; wrong
Common uses:

  • an oath imputing responsibility for a wrong someone has endured with;
  • violent person;
  • witness who does wrong, false witness

I found it quite ironic the Palestinian militant group would choose a name which denotes, in Hebrew, the idea of someone who is a violent person and/or a false prophet. Rather than follow militant groups who have supported the spilling of blood of the innocent in the name of a god, everyone should call on the true, living God who spilled the blood of His own innocent son, Jesus, so that every person can live in heaven.

There is no need to kill to reach heaven. The only death necessary to have eternal life took place when Jesus died. Unlike other so-called messiahs, Jesus rose again and defeated death. Jesus’ grave is empty because he lives today. Jesus said only through him can you be saved, and this is a free gift given to you. Call on Jesus today!

Source of definition: The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament by Ludwig Koehler And Walter Baumgartner Subsequently Revised By Walter Baumgartner And Johann Jakob Stamm With Assistance From Benedikt Hartmann , Ze’ev Ben-Hayyim Eduard Yechezkel Kutscher, Philippe Reymond Translated And Edited Under The Supervision Of M.E.J. Richardson © 1994-2000 Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, The Netherlands. All rights reserved.

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