Missional Branding & You

Who are we?
What are we about?
What do we do?

Three vital questions every church or organization will ask themselves at some point. Each question addresses a different aspect of your group’s outreach into the community.

Who are we?

This addresses identity, not name or activities. The answer is often general in nature, such as “we are a Christian church” or “we are a social service organization.”

What are we about?

This looks at purpose and mission and builds on your identity. The answer should be one or two things that your organization is focused on, such as “we are about evangelism” or “we are about helping the homeless.”

What do we do?

Building on purpose, this question looks at specific activities or methods to accomplish the mission.

Moving from the general to the specific, these questions comprise the core of missional branding.

Missional Branding Defined

What is missional branding?

Missional branding is recognizing one’s identity and mission, then developing a strategy to accomplish that mission. To put it another way, missional branding is about recognizing who you are, what you are about, and what you do.

Missional Branding: Two Words, Three Areas of Emphasis

The phrase itself gives insight into the concept:

  • Missional = strategically and intentionally engaging the community, region, and world
  • Branding = developing a public identity based on accomplishing one’s mission and vision

Missional branding is about developing a strategy that includes three areas: outreach, evangelism, and web design

  • Outreach = a strategy to engage the community
  • Evangelism = proclaiming a life-changing message
  • Web Design = using the web and social media to empower members and reach a mobile world
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Missional Branding vs. Church Growth and Marketing

Missional branding differs somewhat from church growth and marketing, though each shares some attributes. Here are the core differences in a nutshell:

Missional Branding vs. Church Growth

Church growth is about the church and is often results-oriented. Missional branding is for both religious and non-religious organizations and it is strategy-oriented. While church growth has its positive aspects, missional branding helps an organization focus on what it’s doing in light of its mission.

Missional Branding vs. Marketing

Marketing is about selling a product or service through various forms of advertising. Missional branding is about structuring an organization to accomplish a mission of engaging the community. While aspects such as website design are forms of marketing, advertising is not the focus of missional branding: purpose-driven strategy development is.

The Goal of Missional Branding

Missional branding is about helping organizations and churches be more effective at reaching the community in which they serve. Whether you are trying to share the gospel of Jesus, help the needy, or even generate more customers, effective outreach is the key.

Gone are the days of merely placing an ad saying “buy my product” or “visit our church.” Today people aren’t concerned with what you sell or offer, but instead with how you can serve them. How a company, organization, or church is perceived greatly impacts its ability to reach others.

Missional branding is about improving that perception through effective outreach strategies built for a mobile world.

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Missional Branding in a Nutshell

In summary, missional branding is about helping organizations recognize who they are, what they’re about, and what they do. It helps them recognize their purpose and develop a strategy to live out that purpose.

Missional branding is about effective community engagement through outreach, evangelism, and website design. It is about reaching the local community, region, and world for the purpose of transforming lives.

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