Web Design & Missional Branding

When people view your church’s or organiation’s website, they see you in a digital format. Websites and social media are essential tools in any missional branding strategy. Websites should represent your identity and values, and social media should help increase community engagtement.

Effective Website Design and Missional Branding

More people access the Internet with mobile devices than desktops. According to the data gathered by comScore, by 2014 mobile became the “most used digital platform,” and by early 2015 mobile-only users outnumbered desktop-only users. Google reported similar findings in 2015, stating that more Google searches occurred on mobile devices than desktop computers.

What does this mean for your church or organization? Two things:

  • First, it needs to be online. To reach new people, it is essential that you are online, both with a website and on social media.
  • Second, the website must be mobile-friendly. Your website must be designed primarily for mobile devices.

There are two approaches to mobile website design: mobile site and responsive design. The mobile site approach creates a second website designed exclusively for mobile devices. Responsive design adjusts the site to work with devices of any size.

While there are pros and cons for each approach, when it comes to missional branding, responsive design gives a more uniform look across all platforms.

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Social Media Integration and Missional Branding

Should we use a website or social media? The answer is both! While they are both on the Internet, they are two different platforms with unique capabilities and services.

Websites convey information, offer tremendous branding control, and can more intimately show visitors who you are and what you’re about. Social media, however, is idea for community-building and promotion.
Central to missional branding is engaging the community, including the online community. This means having an intentional social media presence, and it also means looking beyond just Facebook.

Putting it All Together

An intentional online presence is vital if you want to truly reach the community, both online and offline. This means having a mobile-friendly website and using social media.

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