Missional Branding

Outreach Strategy

Growth means outreach. Outreach requires a strategy. Let us help you develop an outreach strategy to engage your community.

1X Evangelism

Most Christians do not regularly share their faith. This can change. This will change. 1X Evangelism helps believers re-engage in personal evangelism.

Web Design

A website is more than a commercial; it is you digitized. Let us help you use the web and social media to empower members and reach a mobile world.


“Regardless of the structure that best fits your personality or your church, Rothra’s 1X provides simplistic and strategic impetus to maximize your evangelistic efforts and increase your witnessing effectiveness.”
(From 1X Evangelism)

Dr. Glynn Stone

Dr. Glynn Stone

Senior Pastor, Mobberly Baptist Church

“This day session with Dr. John L. Rothra on Evangelism was one of the most powerful, passionate teachings I’ve heard in years.”
(via Facebook post)

Ambassador Jerome Brandon

Ambassador Jerome Brandon

Operation Ignite Houston

Latest Articles

Book review of Rise of the Nones

Book Review of James Emery White’s The Rise of the Nones

There has been a recent shift in American culture that we’ve never before seen: a rise in religiously unaffiliated. Will White’s book help us reach them?


A Case of a Christian Worship Song Devolving into Pop Monotony

Pop music is critiqued for being boring and trite. Here is one example of a Christian worship song giving in to popular musical cliches.

Partiality is a prominent sin in business and church.

Partiality: The Sin that Keeps Being Promoted

Partiality is a sin that continues to permeate business (even Christian business) and church. We should recognize it, repent, and change.

Book review of Autopsy of a Deceased Church

Book Review of Thom Rainer’s Autopsy of a Deceased Church

Dr. Rothra reviews Thom Rainer’s book Autopsy of a Deceased Church. In it he outlines where the book shines, where it doesn’t, and what it means for you.

Christian history should be studies more often in churches today.

The Christian War on Christian Symbols, or the Christian War on Christmas

Are Christians at war with their own history? When it comes to the war on Christmas, this seems to be the case. Are we fighting the wrong wars?

Colin Kaepernick and Jim Brown kneel during the National Anthem

What Kaepernick’s Actions Teach Us about Communication

Colin Kaepernick’s protest has been highly controversial. Nevertheless, there are lessons to be learned from his actions about how we communicate with each other.

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