Evolution vs. a Creator: What Does Science Really Prove?

Scientists often claim that there is no evidence for a creator or intelligent designer. Does science really disprove creation?

In the fall semester of 2006, my Systematic Theology professor was discussing debate over the origin of life, biblical creationism, and intelligent design (ID). The crux of his argument was that if science could one day bring together the right amino acids, proteins, and other chemicals and thus create the first stage of biological life from nonliving materials, then they will have proven contrary to evolutionary theories. According to many scientists, life was not brought about by the work of some outside intelligence, but by random chance. However, if this experiment took place, and if it was successful, then all it would prove is that someone had to create the right conditions for that “life” to begin. As such, it would prove the existence of an intelligence behind the design of life.

Creating Life in the Lab: How New Discoveries in Synthetic Biology Make a Case for the CreatorMany books have been written on this subject from various viewpoints: mathematical, biological, microbiological, anthropological, theological, philosophical, and more. In his newly published book Creating Life in the Lab, biochemist Fazale Rana takes a different approach to the debate, showing that experiments intended to prove evolution actually refute it. He argues that the ability to create life by scientific means is evidence in favor of an intelligent creator. Whatever view you may have of the origins of life and the ID vs. evolution debate, I encourage you to purchase this work and read it with an open mind.

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