Modern Day Miracles

Miracles are not merely events of biblical times, and they are not myths to be dismissed. Miracles happen today, and this is just one.

I recently heard a story from one of my church members that touched me and left me speechless. A few members of their extended family ended up in a severe automobile accident recently. The parties involved were a mother and two young children about five and seven years old. As they were driving along, something happened and their minivan ended up in a major wreck, severely injuring the mother. The back of the minivan was pushed to right behind the seat of the children. Somehow, the children escaped without a scratch. No injuries, wounds, scratches ended up on the children. I asked if there were internal injuries and, miraculously, there were none. The children were completely unharmed. The mother, though, did not have the same blessing: she ended up in the hospital with severe injuries all over her body. The accident was the kind that could have easily cost all three their lives.

The children were asked what happened and they each told the same story. This is their story: A very bright, glowing woman dressed in all white told them to ‘make a triangle’ with their hands. The two children were to hold hands with each other and the bright woman. They did was they were told. The car crashed and they walked out completely unhurt.

Now, there were only three humans in the vehicle: the mother and two children. Yet, a fourth being entered the vehicle and protected those children. Initially, people did not believe them, thinking they were simply making up a story. However, they could not explain the lack of injury. Even in their car seats, they should have at least had a scratch, yet they had none. Eventually, family members realized the children were not making up fantasies, but were telling the honest truth about what happened.

Who was this mysterious woman? Why was she glowing? Why did she tell them to hold hands in a triangle? God sent His angel to protect the children and, as they should, the children obeyed. God saw their faith and provided them complete protection! Praise God! Glory to the Father!

You may be asking why only protect the children? Why allow the accident? Why protect these children and not others? I cannot answer these questions because I do not know why. The only thing I am sure of is that God, in His sovereignty, chose to act in this case as He did. Let me discourage these speculations. Rather, I encourage you to respond as God desires: recognize His miraculous work and praise Him for it! Worship Him! Praise Jesus for his love!

This story shows God’s love for us all. God saved the lives of these two children. God also sent his son, Jesus, so these children, and anyone who believes, can be saved. All of us, like these children, are on a road that will lead to death. These children faced death and yet, because of God’s actions, lived.

Because of our sin, we all earned death and are on a fast track to that punishment. However, God has intervened and provided a way to be saved. Jesus died to take your punishment. Through Jesus, forgiveness is granted to those who repent, meaning confess and turn away from their sin, and believe in Jesus.

Do you recognize your need? Do you see that you are in great need for God to intervene in your life and save you from impending death?

Do you know what God did for you? Do you think you are safe? Do you think you’re able to get into heaven on your own? Do you believe you’re good enough to get into heaven? Learn what God did for you.

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