Seven Recommended Books for Learning More about Evangelism

These seven books will introduce you to the topics of church growth, evangelism, and spiritual awakenings (revivals) throughout history and for today.

Millions of pages have been written about evangelism, church growth, missions, and spiritual awakenings (revivals).  If you’re interested in these topics, where do you begin?

Here are seven resources I highly recommend to help you start your journey into learning more about evangelistic ministry.

Evangelism Handbook by Alvin Reid

A Practical Overview of Evangelism for Today

Reid’s work is a wonderful overview of evangelism.  He addresses the theological basis, discusses historical aspects, and examines various methodologies and approaches for personal and churchwide evangelism.  Basically, it’s a wonderful introduction to evangelism.

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman

An Analysis of Jesus’ Method and Strategy

There is no better teacher than Jesus.  He evangelized perfectly and intentionally.  We can – and should – learn from his methods.  Coleman looks at Jesus’ overall evangelism strategy and shows how we can use it in our churches and personal life.

Firefall 2.0 by Malcom McDow and Alvin Reid

A Survey of Spiritual Awakenings

McDow and Reid look at how the Holy Spirit has moved in mighty ways throughout history to help spread the gospel and to restore people’s relationship with God.  You’ll discover things about people you’re already familiar with (e.g., Saint Patrick, Martin Luther) and will learn about some you’ve probably never heard of before (e.g., August Franke, Jeremiah Lanphier).

Evangelism in the Early Church by Michael Green

A Historical Review of Evangelism in the Early Days

Jesus set the standard.  The Apostles and the Early Church went out preaching, teaching, and planting.  Although it’s been centuries, there is much we can learn from how the Early Church spread the gospel to the world.  Green looks at their strategy and methods, giving us ideas and inspiration for our own ministry.

Rise of the Nones by James Emery White

A Look at a Significant, Modern Paradigm Shift

Western culture has changed in an unprecedented way: more people choose no religious affiliation than ever before.  In this book, White analyzes this paradigm shift and how it impacts personal and corporate evangelism.  He then offers ways we can reach the “nones” with the gospel of Jesus.

Tell Someone by Greg Laurie

A Practical Guide on How to Share the Gospel

Many believers are unsure how to share the gospel with others, leading to fewer evangelistic conversations.  Laurie’s work provides principles and methods to help us discover or re-discover how to tell someone about the risen Savior with greater boldness and confidence.

1X Evangelism by John L. Rothra

How to Share the Gospel More Often

In my work, I outline a strategy to help believers engage others more often.  I call it the “1X Method.”  1X Evangelism also offers ideas to help churches develop a churchwide strategy for every-member personal evangelism.

Honorable Mentions

I could have included many, many more resources.  What books do you recommend for someone wanting to learn more about the history, theology, and practice of evangelistic outreach?  Comment below.

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