A Special Mother's Day Message

A special message to all the mothers who veterans past and present. Thank you for your sacrifice, love, and service to our country.

A card seems insufficient. A phone call is better, but still not enough. Every May, people across the United States celebrate Mother’s Day, giving thanks and recognition to the women who gave their love and dedication to raise the next generation.

This year, though, I want to recognize a special group of mothers. Those whose sacrifice goes beyond their children, beyond their families. The mothers whose dedication impacts every person, both born and unborn. I want to recognize the mothers of our military: those serving and those who have children or husbands serving. Their sacrifice is beyond measure.

As I think of what they have done and continue to do, I’m convinced that a card and phone call just will not suffice. I can offer here only words. I also offer my prayers of thanks and request God’s protection for them.

There are a few things that we, as a country, can do to say thank you to all the Military Moms this year:

  • Pray for their safety
  • Pray that those serving overseas will be brought home soon
  • Find ways to help the mothers who have children and/or spouses serving overseas
  • Express our thanks and love to our military, especially to those mothers who were killed in the line of duty or who lost loved ones in service
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