What Christians Can Learn from the Gay Pride Movement

When it comes to impacting and transforming society, Christians can learn a lot from the gay pride movement that has swept across the United States.

When it comes to impacting and transforming society, Christians can learn a lot from the gay pride movement that has swept across the United States. While homosexuality is a sin, there are lessons that can be learned when it comes to making a difference in society. Below are some of those lessons that Christians can—and should—learn.

  • Strong conviction motivates action. Those who act are those who truly believe. If Christians wish to change society, they must renew their faith and convictions regarding God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the gospel.
  • It only takes a few to make a difference. Homosexuals make up a minority in the United States, yet that small minority is currently changing the paradigm and altering America’s moral values.
  • Boldly, passionately speaking out leads to change. Motivated by their convictions, a minority is changing the American social landscape because they are very outspoken. Homosexuals unabashedly and energetically speak up for their beliefs. Christians, however, are far too silent. If we want to make a difference, we must speak up and speak out.
  • A thought-out argument goes further than clichés and platitudes. Let me say up front that I do not accept the arguments made by the homosexual movement. However, those advocating for homosexuality do not merely rest on tired clichés and empty platitudes. Rather, they have thought out their argument and presented their case. Christians, however, too often rely on tired expressions and simplistic slogans. Instead, we must develop an argument; we must make our case. This means we must rediscover and reemphasize Christian apologetics and Christian philosophy.

Although I disagree with the positions articulated by the gay pride movement, I believe that it can teach Christians quite a bit about how to change a culture. The four lessons listed above are just a few, but I believe a significant few. Furthermore, they are lessons that we see in Scripture: faith leads to action (Heb 11); only a few can change society (book of Acts); bold, confident evangelism is required (Matt 28:19-20); and a thought out argument should be made (Pauline letters).

There are some things that we should not do that I have seen done to Christians.

  • We should not advocate or act in hate.
  • We should not verbally or physically attack others.
  • We should not disrespect others.

We should act and speak in truth and love. We should respect the views of others, even if we adamantly disagree with those views (they do have the right to their viewpoints, even if they are contrary to Scripture). We should show the love of Jesus, and we should share the gospel of Jesus.

Are there any other lessons Christians can learn from the gay pride movement that can help us impact society with the gospel? Comment below.

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