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This is a follow-up to my post two weeks ago regarding the status of 1X Evangelism, my book outlining a personal evangelism strategy for local churches.

I received an email on April 2nd stating that production has begun. What that means is that the work is undergoing four “phases”: “editing, cover design, layout design, proofing” (as outlined by Tate Publishing). Each phase, they tell me, takes about 4-6 weeks.

Many of you may be asking, “Okay, so when is the book coming out?” Good question. Doing some basic math, it’ll be about 4-6 months. It could be sooner because it’s not a long book, so it won’t take as long to read (either by them or by you once you can purchase it). Also, if he so chooses, God can speed (or slow) things down. My preference is the former, but I’m biased.

You Can Help

No, this is not a money request. Rather, there are others ways you can help.

Talk about 1X Evangelism to your church friends

Talk to your pastor, church outreach/discipleship minister, small group members, and anyone else you can think of about the upcoming book. Get people excited about buying it.

Use social media hashtag #1XEvangelism

Spread the word using social media using the hashtag #1XEvangelism. I don’t mean just one time and never again, but when you talk about the gospel, evangelism, or related subjects on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or other places, add that hashtag!

Share the 1X Evangelism page

The URL is very simple: JohnRothra.com/1X

Again, this is where social media is a help, but word-of-mouth is also works. Let people know about the 1X Evangelism. Get them talking about evangelism and the gospel. Get them talking about Jesus (that’s infinitely more important than any mere man’s book).

Coordinate pre-release events

This would occur once a release date is available. What is a “pre-release event”? It’s a gathering of people interested in (1) purchasing 1X Evangelism early, and at a discount, and (2) will likely tell others about the book.

They can be held anyplace people congregate, such as coffee houses or any place people can gather. While there, people will be able to purchase my book (I’ll have copies available there).

It’s too early to hold an event right now, but we can start thinking about them and getting the early planning done.

Offer ideas to help sell the book

I always welcome input from others on effective ways to promote 1X Evangelism. The more excitement that is generated before the books release, the more it helps get the book into people’s hands so personal evangelism can begin to increase (yes, I’m optimistic about it’s impact potential).

Stay Tuned on JohnRothra.com and on Social Media

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