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The cover has been designed and approved, the manuscript has been edited, and now 1X Evangelism enters the next phase: layout.

Excited yet?

What does “layout” mean? Well, it’s just that: the book’s content put where it should go. Basically, it’s interior design for books.

In many ways 1X Evangelism will be quite typical: text on a page with some words in bold and italics. However, 1X will also include side-page bubbles and a few graphics.

Once the layout phase is completed, the book goes into the final phase: proofing. What exactly that entails, I’m not sure since I had to proof the cover design and manuscript edits, and I’ll have to proof the layout. Regardless, once the layout is done, we move on to proofing, then distribution.

1X Evangelism is moving forward! If you haven’t yet signed up to get early notice when it’ll be available, use the form below.

Things can change. Things will change. 1X is coming… are you ready?

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