1X Evangelism on road

I received word from Tate Publishing that my upcoming evangelism strategy book, 1X Evangelism: A Kingdom Growth Strategy for the Local Church, is nearing the front cover design phase.

For those of you who are following this (besides me, myself, and Harvey the invisible rabbit), you recall the four “phases” I previously described. The first phase is “editing”; “cover design” is the second phase. The fact that the second phase is getting ready to begin, however, does not necessarily mean that the first phase is coming to an end. There is some overlap among all four phases.

So, what does this new phase tell us? It indicates two things. First, that the process is moving forward. Second, that we’re slowly getting closer to the book’s release.

I’ll keep updating everyone with new developments as they come, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, your help is still greatly appreciated: talk to others about 1X Evangelism, use the hashtag #1XEvangelism, and contact me about pre-release events.

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