’s online store is now live!

You can now purchase 1X Evangelism direct from me, the author.  That’s good news for those of you looking for an evangelism strategy for your church or small group.  So why buy direct from me rather than via Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

Why Buy 1X Evangelism on

There are some great reasons to purchase the book direct from me.

Cheaper than Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Amazon and B&N each sell the book for $11.99 (retail price); I sell it for $10.

Lower shipping costs.  Amazon and B&N charge $3.99 for shippping; I charge $3. I charge media mail rate based on mailing address.

Secure site. uses SSL security to protect your information.

Trusted store software.  The store uses WooCommerce, one of the leading online store software systems available.

Payments using PayPal.  The payment information is processed through PayPal, allowing you to use your credit card or PayPal account.

Lower cost.  Did I say that 1X Evangelism is cheaper on my site than on the big two online retailers: Amazon and B&N?

So be sure to get your copy today!

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