Barna Research into Millennials and Churches - Infographic

Barna Research Study: What Millennials Want When They Visit Church – Barna Group.

Barna recently some quite revealing results from their research into the elusive “Millennials” (aka, Generation Y, sometimes can include early Gen Z’ers) and church growth. The research tries to discover what Millennials like, don’t like, and what they want.

This info is quite informative. Turns out that many of the popular trends used to reach young adults are not as effective as once thought.

Contemporary services, while I personally prefer them (but I’m par to the “lost generation,” Gen X), are no longer the major attraction. It’s not even the popular concept of “authenticity” (an idea that is often very difficult to quantify).

If I had to summarize what Millennials want it would be this: a place where their privacy is respected, where people are themselves, and they can learn about God. Obviously there’s more than that, but overall, this, I believe, summarizes the desires of young adults.

Check out the report and discover how your church is probably viewed (sadly, all churches are viewed the same way until they convince Millennials otherwise). Learn ways to reach them.

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