Nine Blogs I’ve Been Reading that You Should Read, Too

This year I started reading more blogs on theology, evangelism, and church leadership. These are ones I’ve been reading or just started reading this year.

Something I miss from my time in seminary is keeping up with the latest developments in the Southern Baptist Convention and research into theology, church leadership, and evangelism.

This year I decided to start reading some blogs related, at least in part, to these issues.  Below are ones I’ve been reading or just started reading this year.  Check them out!

I’ve listed them alphabetically, so you’ll have to guess which one is my favorite.  Comment below your guesses.

Caffeinated Theology

One of my friends from seminary, Beau Brewer, contributes to this blog.  The articles are insightful with just enough academic flavor to challenge most people.  Contributors are pastors and theologians active in ministry.

Church and Culture

Church and Culture is the blog for James Emery White.  I discovered James when I read a few of his books.  I’ll admit, at first I thought he was an older gentleman.  Turns out I was wrong (I know… shocker!).  One of my favorite books of his is The Rise of the Nones, and I highly recommend getting it.  You can also read my review.

Church Leaders

If you’re a pastor, on staff, lay leader . . . or if you are thinking about this . . . or if you know someone who is . . . or if you go to church at all then you need to check out this site.  The articles are thoughtful and sometimes provocative (in a good way).  You’ll learn and be inspired by the many topics covered.

Church Tech Today

Not a theological blog or leadership blog per se.  However, as a former worship team bassist and now web administrator at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, I’m interested in how technology can be used by the church for the gospel ministry of Christ.  This is where Church Tech Today comes in.  Although the articles focus on sound gear and web technology, they do relate to church leadership, worship, and ministry.

The Exchange with Ed Stetzer

Church growth, church revitalization, evangelism.  These are terms synonymous with Ed Stetzer.  They are also the main focus of this blog (though other topics are addressed as well).  I came across Ed’s books during my seminary days and have really appreciated his insight ever since.

Recklessly Alive

Out of curiosity (and some boredom, maybe), I Googled recommended but relatively unknown Christian blogs.  Most of the listings were left-wing, progressive, liberal “Christian” (and I use that term very loosely) blogs.  However, among the coal was this jewel.  The fact that Sam Easton addresses depression (for which I can relate) increased my interest in his work.

Ron Edmondson

I discovered this blog via another person’s list, though I can’t recall whose.  So, I started reading the articles and found Pastor Edmondson’s insights enlightening and encouraging, even though I don’t serve as pastor (I did for 10 years, though).  The topics range from leadership strategies to personal struggles, but Jesus is always exalted in them.

Thom Rainer

Thom Rainer’s ministry, though often associated with church growth and evangelism, is really more about helping pastors and churches grow closer together and work together for God’s kingdom.  Rainer’s blog and podcast show his heart for pastors and the local church.  I really love how he’s not all focused on the megachurches (which is a common), but draws attention to the small church and small church pastor.


Vanderbloemen is an organization that helps churches fill staff and ministry vacancies.  They also do a lot of research into church trends and church leadership.  Based on their experience and research, their blog offers tremendous insight into ministry, including evangelism and outreach.  They offer a bit of an outsider’s perspective, though many of their staff have worked (or do work) in churches in various capacities.

I’m sure there are other blogs I’ve overlooked.  What sites do you visit?  Which blogs do you read?  Comment below.

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    These chosen people, be it the apostles or even the teachers at the elementary level, despite of their varied gifts, all work hand in hand in reminding the local church that it does not exist or function all by itself but is an inevitable organ of the Church, which is a colossal super structure. Local Church

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