When Adults are Merely Big Toddlers

So long as pride is ignored it will continue to motivate and drive people to behave like toddlers. So long as pride dominates, peace cannot be achieved.

The other evening I had the opportunity to witness a group of individuals engage in a dialogue regarding issues pertinent . . . oh, I can’t spin it that well. I had the chance to watch grown adults behave like undisciplined toddlers. The setting was a political gathering (which always seems to attract the biggest, oldest toddlers).

Here’s about how it all went: under the guise of unity and vision development, it began with the opening speaker telling the crowd that it was all about him, his money, his group, his complaints, etc. This was followed by an hour and a half of griping, attacking, bickering, character attacks, and so forth. Groups and individuals were determined to get their way, ensure their power is established, and accuse the others of being the problem. Each party was determined to be right, have their way, and garner more power. It was like watching my two toddlers fight over a toy.

Such behavior is not exclusive to political gatherings; churches, executive boards, or any other venue experiences such juvenile antics. What’s sad is many of the toddler-like adults will tell you how they taught their children to behave properly, respect others, and put others first. However, they turn around and act just like the spoiled brats they strive to keep their own children from becoming.

Why do adults act so immaturely? Why are adults so determined to be right? Why are adults so determined to fight for power? Why are adults so quick to lash out at others, disrespect others with whom they disagree, and fight like spoiled three year olds? Even worse, why do they fail to see their own failures, but instead attempt to justify their bad behavior under the umbrella of religion or principles? The answer is simple: pride.

Pride drives people to seek power. Power feeds the ego, it seeks to satisfy the flesh, and exalts one’s own pseudo-virtue. Pride makes people believe small, unimportant issues as world-changing and crucial. Pride leads people see their own sin as holy, and pride blinds them to their own faults. Pride is sin, and sin is evil.

So long as pride is ignored it will continue to motivate and drive people to behave like toddlers. So long as pride dominates, peace cannot be achieved. So long as pride rules, principles will be sacrificed at the altar of sin.

No human is immune from pride except Christ – only he is absolutely holy, absolutely righteous, absolutely perfect. None of us are, not even me. We all struggle with the sin of pride, and we all must allow God to free us from that sin. We must repent of our sin, seek the face of Jesus, and allow His love and righteousness to dominate. The alternative is to continue to be slaves of sin and do the bidding of that evil master, “Pride.”

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