It’s that time of year again: vain self-promotion of posts you’ve probably already read.

Oh, wait… that’s not what I meant.  (Feel free to offer a polite chuckle at my feeble attempt at humor. It’s okay.)

Now that 2017 has come to a close, it’s always fun to look back and see what people have read on my site.  With that, here are the top posts published in 2017.

10. My Top 12 Christmas Songs for 2017

12 favorite Christmas songs of 2017Christmas time is here!  Christmas music is everywhere! However, not all songs are the same. Here are my top 12 Christmas songs for 2017.

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9. Debate the Issues, but Keep Things in Perspective

Theological debate is good.  However, we must keep things in perspective and always keep the gospel message in the forefront.

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8. Correct Discipleship Requires Teaching Correct Doctrine

Correct discipleship requires teaching correct doctrine.Christian education and discipleship too often includes teaching false, shallow, or no theology.  Correct discipleship requires teaching correct doctrine.

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7. Star Wars vs Scripture: Which Do You Know More About?

Do we know the Bible and God as well as we do pop culture?We often talk about and know more about pop-culture than we do about God or the Bible.  Here are five things that can help fix this problem.

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6. Three Problems with Pastor Search Committees

Many churches use pastor search committees to hire new ministers. Problems often arise from this.  Here are three that can hurt churches and candidates.

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5. 9 Things Your Church Should Do to Improve Visitors’ Experience

9 Ways to Help Make Visitors Feel WelcomePeople will visit your church.  How they are treated will determine whether or not they return.  Nine tips to improve your church visitor’s user experience.

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4. Can Certain Apologetics Hurt Christianity More Than Help It?

Sometimes when we defend our faith, our arguments can work against us.Apologetics is a great tool and is biblical.  Some arguments, though, may do more harm than good.

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3. Short Collection of Easter Sermons by Dr. John L. Rothra

Easter Sermons by Dr. John L. RothraA short collection of Easter sermons to help you discover Jesus and learn to walk with him.

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2. What Paul’s Sermon at Mars Hill Teaches Us about Evangelizing Other Faiths

We can learn much about cross-cultural missions and evangelizing other faiths from Paul's activities in Athens and his Mars Hill sermon.Paul’s interaction with people of other beliefs and philosophies teaches us much about how to do the same today.

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1. My 12 Least Favorite Christmas Songs

We each have songs we like and songs we don’t like.  Here are my 12 least favorite Christmas songs (sometimes with a humorous take on them).

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