While this site doesn’t get the traffic of others (at least not yet), it still has quite a few readers.  Based on that readership, here are the ten most viewed posts from 2016:

10. Quality Apps for Personal Evangelism (can be used with 1X Evangelism)

Apps you can use with 1X Evangelism for personal evangelism.A list of free apps that are great tools for personal evangelism and engaging others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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9. A Quick Thought on YouTube Prophecy and the Bible

YouTube prophecy may be entertaining but it is not necessarily biblical.YouTube contains many videos claiming to outline prophecies. In this article I briefly take a look at YouTube prophecy.

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8. When Human Logic Fails Us

Our knowledge and logic are finite and fallible, but God's is infinite and perfect.Logic is a wonderful tool, but it is not perfect. Sometimes logic fails to provide answers or lead to truth, especially when dealing with metaphysics.

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7. Pray for My Father: He Was in a Wreck Today

Keith Rothra was in a major accident on I-20. Pray for him.

Please pray for my father’s recovery following his automobile accident.

Update: He’s recovered and doing well.

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6. My Thoughts on YouTube’s New End Screen Feature

YouTube's end screen feature has strengths and weaknesses for smart phone users.YouTube introduced a new end screen feature that is mobile friendly. This article looks at the some of the benefits and problems of this new tool.

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5. Is Richard Dawkins Warming Up to God?

Richard Dawkins seemed to give some credence to religion. Is he changing his mind on God?Some may think atheistic and evolutionary apologist Richard Dawkins is softening his position regarding God. Is this true or is something else going on?

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4. Should Christian Pop Art Copy Culture or Lead Culture?

Christian pop artists should be leaders, not copycats.When it comes to pop art and pop music, Christians tend toward mimicry.  If we want to impact the world, we must become innovators rather than imitators.

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3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Answers yet Creates Plot Holes

Rogue One answered many questions, but also created a giant plot hole.Rogue One: A Star Wars Story answered many questions and addressed many plot holes. However, it created another giant plot hole regarding Darth Vader.

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2. What Happened to Quality TV Advertising?: 9 Good and Bad Commercials

Some commercials work well, others not so much.What makes a television advertisement effective?  Many today seem to miss the mark. This article looks at nine examples of good and bad TV commercials.

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1. Evangelism Scriptures of 2015

2015’s inspirational memes from the 1X Evangelism Facebook series “Evangelism Scriptures” (#1XEvangelismScriptures).

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Those are the top 10 post from 2016.  As the readership grows I look forward to which ones from 2017 will be the most popular.

John L. Rothra

John, or "Dr. J" as is friends call him, is an author, speaker, blogger, and YouTuber. He's also a bassist and a huge Buffalo Bills fan. He offers thought-provoking insight and analysis on social and spiritual issues from a biblical perspective. John holds a PhD in evangelism and has pastored/preached for over a decade. He hosts a devotional series on YouTube and is available for speaking engagements.

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