Israel, Guns, and God: The True Strength in the Gaza Conflict
Israel's future is found not in itself, but in Messiah, Christ Jesus.

Israel, Guns, and God: The True Strength in the Gaza Conflict

Israel has a mighty army, and Hamas are fools to challenge her! However, they are not the biggest fools. Is Israel's military might the source of great power, or does it come from elsewhere?

The New Testament Condemns Homosexuality as Sin

Some say the only the Old Testament condemns homosexuality and so it does not apply. However, the New Testament also calls it a sin. This article outlines what God's Word says about being gay.

New Bible Study Available: Psalm 110

The study notes for Psalm 110 are now available. Entitled "Christ the Messiah is the Royal Priest," the study looks at the psalm that is quoted in the New Testament more than any other chapter of the Old Testament. It shows how Jesus the Messiah is more than a priest,…

'Red Hot Chili Peppers Theology' and Evangelism

I recently heard a television preacher tell his congregation and TV audience that it is possible to tithe you way into the upper echelon of wealth. Those who don't achieve financial wealth are either not tithing or not tithing in faith. Therefore, this preacher seems to believe that those who…

Meaning of the word ‘Hamas’ in Hebrew

The group Hamas recently won elections in Palestine. This group is recognized as a terrorist group by the USA. In light of this, I decided it is worthwhile to inform the world of the definition of the word 'hamas' in Hebrew, the language used by Israel and the Old Testament.…

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