If you haven’t noticed (and odds are, you haven’t), I’ve reorganized the article categories to reflect the three areas of ministry and life I outlined in a previous article: knowing, showing, and sharing the gospel.  I’ve also updated the ‘hero’ area at the top of the home page.

Over the many years I’ve posted articles (some go back to 2006), some were published that don’t fall into those categories, so some non-ministry categories were created or kept, such as “Technology,” “Memes,” “Personal,” and a few others.  They, however, won’t be featured on the home page.

Why the New Category Structure?

After writing that article, I thought more and more about “knowing, showing, and sharing.”  The more I thought about it, the more I really liked it.  These three terms describe the three areas of ministry of a Christian and a church:

Knowing the gospel = growing in one’s relationship with Christ

This encompasses discipleship, spiritual growth, education, devotionals, and similar things.

Showing the gospel = living out one’s faith in the public

This includes areas where one’s actions are visible to others, including worship, leadership, and social ministry.

Sharing the gospel = making the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection known to others

This area includes evangelism and church outreach.

Although Separate Categories, There is Crossover

Despite differentiating between knowing, showing, and sharing, there are areas where there is crossover.  That’s okay, there’s no hard and fast rule how we categorize things.

These are, though, three categories that I have come to love and adopt.  As such, I’ve restructured the articles to reflect these ministry areas and, if I’m ever leading a church, these three would encompass my ministry philosophy.