I asked our 15 year old daughter to draw a cartoon-style version of me for my social media profiles.  You see, she’s extremely talented and I wanted to show off her abilities.

Check out her gallery on Deviant Art.

Her initial reaction wasn’t what I expected:

Well, she finally drew something using a selfie I took.  Here it is along with one I drew of myself:

John L. Rothra tooned up.

Picture drawn by our 15 year old daughter.

John Rothra self portrait

Version drawn by me.

I’m VERY PROUD of her!  Did I say she’s extremely talented?  This was the first time she’d ever attempted doing a real person, too!

I’ve already changed my YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook profile pics to this new one.

John L. Rothra

John is an author, speaker, blogger, and aspiring YouTuber. He's also a bassist and a huge Buffalo Bills fan. John holds a PhD in evangelism and has pastored/preached for over a decade.

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